Leather trousers

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Leather jeans for ladies. (001)

Brown jeans in leather for ladies

  • kr 2.200,00

 These jeans are made of soft , brown cow leather. The leather has been impregnated with oil which keeps them water and skuff  resistant .  Compared to the mens jeans, they are a little higher in the waist , wider over the hips, and the zipper is on the opposite side.

The leather can be reoiled at any time with  "STIRLING  leather dressing oil" or other oil and fat products for treating leather.

The measurement below is taken around the waist,  just  below the belly button. The leather expands about 2-3 cm all over, so it is best to choose a snug fitting size.

Length is adjusted by cutting the bottom of the legs off with a scissors (I mean the trouser legs!).  The bottom 3cm can be turned up and glued with fabrick glue or the seam can be secured with needle and thread.

 Mens size:4446485052545658606264
 " inches2930313334363840424345
 Ladies size:34363840424446    
 " inches24262830313334