Leather trousers

noProduktnummer: Skinnbukser (Leather Jeans) (2)

Leather Jeans (002)

leather jeans in oiled cowskinn

  • kr 2.200,00


Stirling Leather trousers in cow leather.  I have produced this range for over 15 years now and they have become a recognised label among cowboys, and  folk who like the great outdoors. They are made of soft oil impregnated cow leather, which is water resistant.  When they get dirty, scuffed and dry , they can be re-oiled with leather dressing.  The inside lining can be washed with soap and sprayed clean in the shower. The trousers should then be dried slowly. 

 This JEANS model (002) has the basic pattern of normal dungery jeans. Two horistontal hand pockets with fob  in front and one innbuilt pocket with zipper at the back. These are good to ride horses or motorbikes in and tolerate weather and wind.

See tabell below for size breakup. Given that the trousers expand about 2cm all over, it is best to choose a snug fit.  The length can be cut of with scissors. Some choose to turn the bottom 2-3cm up and secure it with fabrik glue.  Others just cut them staight off and with needle and thread, secure the vertical seam with a few stitches. 
This model comes only in dark brown.

 Mens size:4446485052545658606264
 " inches2930313334363840424345
 Ladies size:34363840424446    
 " inches24262830313334