Leather trousers

noProduktnummer: Skinnbukser (Leather Jeans) (8)

Hunting pants 004

Hunting trousers with expansion over boots.

  • kr 2.300,00


New to the Stirling collection are these hunting jeans.  They are made a bit wider in the legs than the other models.  They have an expansion gusset lowest on the legs which can be tightened over the boots with the strap.    
The length is suitable for a rather tall fellow. The length can be adjusted with scissors. The tightening strap will then need to be sewn back in place. I can do this in my workshop or a local shoe repair man or lady  might be able to help.

 Mens size:4446485052545658606264
 " inches2930313334363840424345
 Ladies size:34363840424446    
 " inches24262830313334