Leather hats

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Leather hats

Stirling Hats are made from water resistant oil impregnated cow leather.

  • kr 600,00

Stirling hats are renowned for their quality and durability. 
Jims hats are made of oil impregnated cow hide, making them water resistant and durable for decades of wear.

A stainless piano steel wire around the edge of the brim, alows the user to shape the hat as desired.  Another wire sewn into the crown alows the peak to be pinched into shape characteristic of Aussi hats. The hats can be re-oiled with

Stirling leather dressing , or other  types of oil or fat dleather dressings. A chin strap is standard on all hats.
This can be put up over the back of the brim when not in use.

For the Crockodile Dundee look, you can get a  crockodile print band with bone teeth or the real thing with genuine Australian crockodile band and real teeth.

Alternatively we have a range of hats with colourfull goats skin hair innlay.