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Jim Stirling's Boomerang

Sports returning boomerang.

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Sports boomerangs
The aboriginals in Australia used a heavy non returning boomerang for hunting.  I learnt to make returning boomerangs when I was a kid, from my father in Australia. Together we developed a design that was light and aerodynamicly balanced. 
 I use top grade, 5 layered , baltic birch, plywood, grinding and sanding the material into a presise form . This is then painted with several layers of paint, which stiffens and waterproofs the boomerang. 
 I make a small and a large boomerang. They both fly beautifully but its kind of like the differnce between flying a Cessna or a Boing 747. Both wings are designed like the cross section of an aircraft wing which creates the lift, whilst on the back wingtips are shaved angles which act like a rudder, sending the boomer around in a circle. Depending on the strength of throw , it takes about a 30 meter circle. Strong throwers can get it to go round 2 or 3 times before returning to where they are standing.
Some boomerangs I paint brown or black and add painted or engraved tribal patterns.  I can also personalise the engraving if it for a special customer.
Companies have used  the analogy of the returning boomerang in conveying sales principles, and have asked me to make boomerangs with their company logo and words like "Satisfied customers always return" . I have come to company kickoffs and presented and taught the employees how to throw.  Give me a call on 0047 90102753 if  you can use the idea. 
The boomerang for right handed throwers is designed to fly i an anticlockwise path. The left handed boomerang is exactly the same , but totally the opposite. (If that makes any sense) It takes a clockwise path

Throwing instructions in both English and Norwegian can be downloaded here. (English instructions.)
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