Tenon tool

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Tenon tool (1)

Tenon cutting routers with corresponding drills.

  • kr 1.100,00

The  Tenon Tool , is an ingenious tool, a bit like a big pencil sharpener, for making a straight tenon on the end of  natural round branches or square milled timber. 

By using a corresponding forstner drill, a hole can be made in another piece of wood, making it possible to join the two pieces of wood. This allows the woodworker to construct just about whetever he or she desires, often from found wood.  Imagination is the only limitation. 

 I stock three sizes 1" , 1 1/2",  2"  which cover most jobs . 
The 1" is good for chair making , decorative ladders and pegs,  the 11/2" is good for stools and benches,  whilst the two inch is suitable for beds, tables railings and  fences.
The forstner drills  come in sizes to suit all three tenon cutters.

The quarter circled HSS blade is standard for all models.
I have reserve blades and a sharpening kit for tenon tool.