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Scroll Saw Castles

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I started making wooden castles on the scrollsaw about 30 years ago. The first model I made, I sent to my Norwegian penfriend with a  note that said"Now princess Edel , you have a castle, all you need is prince charming. With that she came downunder and got me. I am still making castles and have demonstrated at woodworking shows in America, Australia, England and here in Norway. 
 These castles are made from one piece of  soft wood.  All the pieces of the puzzle are konical so that they move or down and jam into place.  The pieces form a three dimensional scene. I started with making castles, but then developed in different direstions , such as Norwegian and Austalian farm scenes. Fishing villages, Wild west towns, moonscapes and mountain scenes.
In this book with accompanying CD.  I take the reader step by step through the process of making these "Collapsable castles". The cd has 6 tutorials featuring projects from the simplest up to the most dificult.