Bushmans dog belt.  leather belt., Australian belts , cowboy belt.

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Bushmans Belts in leather

Unique Australian, Bushmans knot belts.

  • kr 350,00
Leather belts with a Bushmans Knot. This knot was invented in Australia by a smart bushman a long time ago.  We use it for example , to attach reins to the horse bit or when making a halter. I have developed this principle, to make a belt with either a ring or a buckle. There are no seams and the knot looks good and serves the purpose of both, holding the hardware and  the tip of the belt in place. 
The model with the ring is good for hooking a dog leash onto, so he can pull you home. Also the ring can be used for hanging your trousers up.  If used with Stirling leather trousers, the trousers never need to be washed, so the belt never needs to be removed. The tip of the belt is held in place with a  button stud.
The model with the buckle functions like a normal belt. I choose top quality , full grain Swedish leather in both brown and black.
Available in sizes, 80-100cm, 90-110cm , 100-120cm, 110-130cm. But I can take orders for just about any circumference.

I have been making these belts for years and I often get compliments fom satisfied customers who bought theres in the last millenium.